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Best Exercises For Type II Diabetics

When people are diagnosed with type II diabetes, it’s typical for their doctors to recommend regular exercise as a part of their wellness regimen. However, you have to be as selective of your physical activity as you would be of your diet. Only the right exercise routine will give the results you’re interested in.


The Importance of Being Physically Active


Exercise has a positive effect on several aspects of a type diabetic’s life. Persons who are overweight will benefit from weight loss as well as a reduction in their central body fat. Weight loss can make it easier for the pancreas to manage your body’s insulin requirements, which has a positive impact on keeping your diabetes in check.

When you’re active, your body will also be able to improve its sensitivity to insulin as well as its metabolism of sugar. Interestingly, the type and duration of exercise can play a large role in the type of benefits you receive. For example, interval training can significantly improve your metabolism while strength training increases both muscle mass and metabolism.


The Best Exercises to Add to Your Routine



This is the best way to get some exercise when you don’t have any additional equipment. All you need is a comfortable pair of shoes. It’s recommended that you take brisk walks for at least 30 minutes each day for 5 days. Brisk exercise is described as any movement that significantly increases the heart rate.

Tai chi

Studies show that type II diabetic who practices tai chi have benefitted from better management of their blood sugar and A1C levels. Apart from those specific health benefits, tai chi has also been shown to improve overall balance and relieve stress.


Cycling is an excellent source of aerobic exercise and a decent mode of transportation if you want to see the sights. Alternatively, a stationary bike will give the same benefits from the comfort of home. Apart from burning calories, cycling will improve your heart and lung function.


If you need a low-impact option for physical activity, swimming is your best bet. Having this alternative is important for persons who are overweight and need to reduce stress on their joints as well as those who are dealing with painful foot complications caused by type II diabetes.


In some cases, people need the motivation to exercise. Signing up for an aerobic dance class can help to take your mind off the pressure to accomplish weight loss. With a class, you’ll focus on learning a new skill while getting all the benefits of being physically active.

Lifting Weights

Building muscle can help your body to burn calories more efficiently and might also have a positive impact on your blood sugar levels. To include weight lifting in your exercise routine, experts suggest finding the options that work well for you. Persons are able to build muscle using free weights, weight machines, or even heavy household objects such as canned goods and large water bottles.


This popular exercise program has been shown to improve blood sugar control in older women in at least one study. Doing Pilates will also improve coordination, balance, and core muscle strength. While there are gyms that offer pilates programs, you can also find online classes that you can do at home with the right equipment.


The great thing about yoga is that there are numerous types to choose from. That gives you the opportunity to find the right style and poses for you. As with pilates, you can find yoga classes at gyms in your area or you can find classes online. You might not need additional equipment but it helps to have a comfortable yoga mat.


In callisthenics, persons accomplish weight training by using their body weight instead of free weights or other equipment. Some of the typical exercises include push-ups, pull-ups, squats, lunges, and abdominal crunches. If you choose this form of exercise, however, it’s recommended that you vary the routine to work out all your muscle groups and have relaxation days for the body to recuperate.

Resistance Band Training

Weights aren’t the only way for you to strengthen your muscles. Resistant bands can have a similar effect when used correctly. To get the most out of this exercise, it’s suggested that you consult with a trainer or watch online classes for a guide.


While physical activity is a vital part of a type II diabetic’s wellness plan, it can’t work alone. It’s just as important for you to take your prescribed medication and maintain a healthy diet. This three-pronged approach can help you to manage your diabetes effectively and may even send it into remission.